Caravan für Mutter Erde

Silly Love Song In The Night
work is done
culture-chains fallen down
time to say hello to the night
time to say hello to the stars
time to say hello to all around, crawling on she body
feel all the pain, blood and tears of this day
feel all the broken promises and
the foolish keepers of the human-law
is it in me, or out of me, all that feeling
don’t care – come around lovely earth
sit down by me, i will lend you my arms
my tears will cool your face
my hands will give you wellness
listen to my silly love song
from a boy, riding through universe
looking for the secrets within all
and all what he found was you
and while im singing, all the secrets
in your eyes, like the stars in the sky,
its like a flood, flying fishes in the sky,
oh, what all happens, when a silly love song is on the air,
while you rest in my arms,
after work is done,
culture-chains fallen down
we make love falling down to the world
singing silly love songs
Silly Love Song In The Night


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